4×4 Multidanza Center has been working for 17 years in Granada and has so become one of the most consolidated institution in the physical activities field in this city. We have both a private programming carried out in 4×4 premises and an official one for the University of Granada Sports Center whose activities are performed at the university sports pavilions.
Our activities are focused on two main kinds of activities: dancing for children and adults and health and fitness through a wide variety of corporal techniques.
In respect to dancing, we take into account many different dancing styles for our shedule since we are convinced that there are as many  dancing styles as ways of understanding life. So we offer courses on classical dancing, contemporary dance, flamenco, urban dances as well as ethnic dances such as African, Oriental or Hindú dance.
As far as heath and fitness are concerned, we believe that conscious movement adapted to one’s health state makes life easier, prevents deseases and can be therapeutic. In order to achieve that we offer personal or small group coaching on Pilates,  Hipopresive Method, Yoga, Postural Gymnastics, Basic Exercises for back care and Stretching focused on posture asymetries and the most common contractures.

We have skilled coaches certified by well-known schools such as Stott Pilates or Hipopresive Method  M. Caufriez and others.
Our counselor and programming director is Mercedes Peinado, who is also a qualified coach on Pilates, Low pressure, Stretching and Contemporary Dance as well as Coreographer  and Art director. Her guidelines when selecting staff is wide and open-minded but demanding at the same time: “For me, it’s essential having highly professional coaches in my team, not only about technical knowledge but also in the human aspect. I consider that empathy and adptability are fundamental qualities to teach and guide.”
To conclude, we also inform you about the existence of a regular schedule from October to July as well as  one-time intensive workshops, master classes and so on that you can look up on the drop-down list below.
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